nfts as a performance

A social experiment by Mattia Cuttini and Skygolpe.

All the Rest is digital and physical, figurative and abstract, tangible and elusive; it is all that it is and whatever you may make of it. Yet, first and foremost, it is the trace of a dialogue between Italian artists Mattia Cuttini and Skygolpe.

Both artists have physical art as their background. Rooted in music, Cuttini's practice is tied to printing techniques, optical aesthetics and often analog algorithms he manually executes with rubber stamps; after street art, Skygolpe focused on investigating through painting the figure of the artist as subject matter and as a mirror for the observer. Later they both approached digital and crypto art, with their work becoming a close communication between the physical and the digital world, as in the case of All the Rest.

Their collaboration on this project started in early 2021. After months of relentless communication and artistic contamination at a distance, in June they met IRL for the first time to produce the works currently issued. During an intensive week, they managed to balance their ideas and artistic languages, combining physical and digital processes to create unique pieces and limited editions: All the Rest was born.

is a social experiment

The starting point was a simple question: what is all the rest, where has it gone? Over the last few years, restrictions made it hard to experience life beyond its "strictly necessary" aspects. The very idea of rest as relaxation changed, "the rest of the world" was one with one's own reality, as people faced the same challenges globally. Collectively and individually everyone had to come to terms with new limitations, renegotiating the relationship between personal and social spheres, between necessity and exceptions, the ordinary and what was beyond that - the rest, in fact, in its new guise.

Perfectly combining the distinctive elements of the artists' practices, All the Rest plays with the idea of limit and balance, it is a mediation between opposites, between color and black&white, line and sign, the individual and the other. Above all, it is a way for Cuttini and Skygolpe to reflect on the dimension of the rest in their own lives. For (the) artists themselves, there seems to be no distinction between being and doing/making; it is not strictly a matter of production nor just a job: making art is an existential condition. In a game of duality, the silhouette that is the subject of the series is the artist who asks the observer to be their counterpart; at the same time, due to the absence of somatic features, that same figure seems to invite viewers to identify themselves with the work.

As the interactive frame on its very homepage declares, the project wants to create a contact with the public, with their image and intimacy. While being a dialogue between Cuttini and Skygolpe, All the rest leaves space for viewers to participate in the conversation, to find their own face, voice, and the suspended, artistic dimension where to explore themselves.

As the artistic relationship between Mattia Cuttini and Skygolpe itself, the project will progress and evolve through time. Far from being a static series, All the rest is an ongoing exploration, and all the rest of their collaborative pieces will enrich it.

Text by Chiara Braidotti

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