is an unwritten poetry

All the rest is digital and physical, figurative and abstract, tangible and elusive; it is all that it is and whatever you may make of it. Yet, first and foremost, it is the trace of a dialogue between Italian artists Mattia Cuttini and Skygolpe.

verba manent skygolpe cuttini

verba manent

Two years in the making, a brilliant crypto collaboration comes full circle. Mattia Cuttini, a nebula that birthed many a star in the meta verse, and Skygolpe, master of one of the most recognisable motifs in crypto art. On the 27th of April, 2020, when a pandemic shut down the meatspace, these two artists began a fevered, creative dialogue between the abstract and the human in all of us. And Verba Manent is an incredible inflection point in that conversation.

Text by Anand "Twobadour" Venkateswaran

verba manent physical skygolpe cuttini

verba manent physical

Acrylics on canvas.

Donated to M○C△ Museum of Cryptoart.

all the rest ascii mattiac

coded selfies

Ongoing project. Performative Collection.